Fashion Matching – What colour combinations go together

Tone on tone

A monochrome look will always look a little pale. So you venture out to confident colours! However, what nuances harmonize really well together and what colour combinations should be avoided? With us, you will learn what colours suit your skin complexion and how you can bring them to the original application. In addition, which accessories and shoes can be customized to the look colour?

One must only relate to the so-called ‘harmonious colour wheel’ and then put either in contrast or in a gentle gradations. The harmonious colour circle represents the different natural shades of colour and consists of twelve colours. The three primary colours of yellow, blue and red give each of two of these colours by mixing the secondary colours green, orange and violet. This are the colour circle design one primary and one secondary colour next to each other: yellow-orange, red-orange, red-violet, blue-violet, blue-green and yellow-green.

From the mixture of adjacent primary and secondary colours in turn results in the six chromatic gradations. When colour contrast two are combined in harmonic or chromatic colour wheel opposite colours. For colour, grading, similar shades are associated with each other, e.g. Beige and ecru.

The basic rules

• The silhouette is to be awarded an advantageous line thanks to the right colour choice. In general, one assumes a dominant colour that accompany other subtle shades and bring to bear.
• Avoid it to carry more than 3 different colours in order to avoid a chaotic involuntarily hippie touch or clown effect.
• An additional complementary colour can moderate the effect of other distinctive colour.
• Black and white are not considered colours. In the pure state, they are rarely found in nature. They can therefore be very easy to combine with other colours.
• Also, the neutral grey colour blends with many colours.
• Pull the lower part of the body before getting darker colours: Bright colours tend to apply it and to make “thick”.
• Lively, bright or even loud colours are suitable for the upper body. You brighten the outfit and let shine the face.