Fashion: High heels

Heels are a powerful symbol of femininity. They make your legs beautiful. What is the height and shape should you choose? In addition, how do you manage to strut on dizzyingly high heels without falling through life? We will tell you how you can master the fashionable topic.

Wear heels right

To be elegant with heels must walk skilfully use the feminine hips, as the top models on the catwalk? Practice makes perfect
Wear high heels at first only for short distances (at home or on the way to the bakery) to get used to the new feeling. It is not about to graduate with the high heels a marathon: you are on your heels feel comfortable to occur around confidently.

The correct height

For the back is the best heel height is at least 3 cm. 9 cm from the foot is arched, which inevitably leads to balance problems. Thus, the perfect heel is 5 to 6 cm.

Stability is everything

Try the shoe and walk a few steps, your foot should not tremble at the appearance. If you need to bend your knees when walking too much, the shoes are not suitable: Your gear looks rather cumbersome elegant. Choose a slightly square heel and a sole shape that provides a pleasant walk to the vault.


In your cosy sneakers, you only give to slip into super flat ballerinas. Beautiful. However, did you know that extremely flat soles are not so healthy? You can quickly lead to back problems than you think. This does not mean of course that you should now immediately grab to 8 cm high stilettos. Proceed systematically and first select highest sales of 6 cm. The noise level has grabbed you immediately. Then satisfy your sudden urge for size with platform heels that are more stable than wobbly stiletto heels.

The correct paragraph for each morphology

They are rather roundish

Choose high heels refine your silhouette. The frequent wearing heels will make your leg muscles a nice shape. Sexy legs without sports – what more could you want.

They are small

Choose comfortable heels, preferably with a fine platform Heel and sole at the toe, or strappy heels with square.